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Name:Fujiko Mine
Birthdate:Sep 16


- Threadhopping with this character - yes/no/other?: Yes. Always welcome. But be mindful of other people's journals if they don't like it. You're also always welcome to threadjump in Fujiko's journal but she will read ALL of it an occasionally chime in with her own nosy opinion.
- Subject line comments: Always okay in my journal/with me and preferred if you're going to do more than 1 comment/explain something ooc. If I do it too much to you, slap me as a reminder
- Hugging this character?: She will freeze up but probably not do anything untoward unless you know she doesn't like that character. If she likes them a lot and they're young kids she'll awkwardly pat them or snuggle them if she's trying to embarrass them.
- Giving this character a kiss?: Warn me first. She'll usually be pretty open to it, but she'll try to steal your wallet, occasionally boxing glove.
- Badtouching: Too far and you'll take a boxing glove trap to the face.
- Lovers: two known canon exes; Lupin III and Poon (deceased, shot by Fujiko.)
- Punching this character (provided they can fight back): Yes, but Fujiko punches back. Often with bullets.
- Easiest way to get on her good side: Shinies. Bringing her shiny presents = instant win.
- Easiest way to get on his bad side: Harder than you'd think. She doesn't trust anyone to begin with so to get worse than that you'd have to do something to "betray" her which would involve trusting in the first place.
- Can I hack her journal?: Yes.
- Can she hack my journal?: Yes. So be wary. -- Canon she's a master hacker and cracked bank codes and the U.S. Government. Also the Soviet Union AND Russian archives. It's something she's gotten in trouble for.
- Fourth Wall Breakage: Yes, all the time. My Fujiko is 80% manga so she 4th wall breaks quite a bit there, so she can handle anyone knowing about her/Lupin/talking about their manga-ka stalker etc. However, she won't do it on others unless they start it first.
- Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/etc?: Yes. Just let me know ICly what you have in mind/how long/etc. The zanier, the more I'll love it.
- Maim/Murder/Death: No.
- Blood: Totally fine.

Where this Fujiko can be found:
[info]luceti -- which is where her journal posts go.
And a few other private museboxes.
HMD and More information on this RPed Fujiko here.
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artifacts, autogyros, catsuits, charming animals and boys, double-crossing other thieves, getting out of hand-cuffs, gold, guns, heists, jewels, motorcycles, museums, ropes, silver, singing
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