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--- I'm out doing something boring and not at all something that will get me into trouble, leave me a message for when I get back, no doubt it will much more interesting! ---
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[Option A: Fujiko struts about Cloud Nine like she owns the place. Which, she kind of does, if you count theft as ownership, and if you count Luceti as the kind of place where things can actually be stolen. She has set up the small stage so that the piano is pushed back and it looks more like a model runway. Including stage lights. There's a reason for this. She then struts out in high heels and a blue leather catsuit. Sup Luceti? You've just become her private/public audience for a model show. Aren't you privileged?]

What do you think? Blue with these heels? [The heels in question are red, and meant for evening gowns. Fail. In any case, she struts back, flips her hair, ducks behind a curtain, and comes out again in a red catsuit, though same heels.]

Or perhaps these~? [Strut strut strut. And once again she goes back. This time to a black catsuit and green army boots. Someone help her learn how to match clothes. It might also help to teach her that leather catsuits are not meant to be worn every single day of the year. That's gonna be difficult though, because apparently she found dozens. Yup, Fujiko is in her own little personal paradise, and enjoying showing off the more exotic ones like so. Good luck to you all.]

Oh! That gives me a great idea! [She says, like this was totally impromptu and not at all planned. Uh-huh. Suuuure.] We should have a fashion night here at Cloud Nine once a month! Everyone's invited! And then afterwards we can do karaoke! Doesn't that sound fun? [Huh Luceti? Doesn't it?]

[Option B: In Action, after her "little impromptu show," Fujiko takes to the Battledome to get some practice in with her new catsuits and break them in. Would anyone like to stumble across the Cat Burglar in action as she darts about rooftops and sneaks into apartments? Oh wait, she might be doing that in Luceti proper, too. Oops.]
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[Fujiko glances over her shoulder at those following close behind.] Look sugars, much as I love the paparazzi thing you've got going -- [She doesn't love it, and it's quite obvious she hates it with a fiery passion] I don't care what the others told you, this isn't a free show. Pay or get out. [She rolls her eyes, acting like she's a superstar actress or singer and gives an exasperated sigh.]

Fine. One song. That's it.

[With that she'll lead anyone interested or just plain curious the Cloud Nine and start up this song.]

Photobucket [Smoker is twitchier than a feral cat before an earthquake. He's without his seastone jitte, and still just using a makeshift replacement, so the sudden arrival of not just hundreds (thousands?) more people is bad enough but add in a couple dozen extra pirates and all the marine vice admiral wants to do is bash some heads in. He settles instead for making ice cream and maybe checking on a few of his friends. Catch him anywhere in Luceti, he's roaming and just trying to find some place quiet.]


Nov. 2nd, 2012 07:07 pm
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[Fujiko is chilling out in what people might recognize as decorated pretty much like Lupin's apartment. She's singing softly to herself and tinkering with something strange, albeit mechanical.]

They tried to draft us
But we don't wanna go
The man can't keep us down
Cuz oh yeah we know....

[She pauses and gives up on the song, focusing instead momentarily on snapping a spring into place, though this gets a quiet little "banzai!" of delight. Success; whatever it was.]

Tie em, push 'em down
The Energizer Bunny
Just keeps on runnin'
But there ain't no cure
For Luceti Winter Blues

[Cute frown and a pout.] No wait, that line's terrible... [Sighs and runs a hand through her hair, then taps her little mechanics into device, which mostly just looks extremely dangerous and flashes knifes and other cutting utensils on swinging springs before she taps it it again with a pen to make it stop and settle down.]

Writing music is really hard. "But there ain't no cure --
For Luceti's Barrier Blues??" [She just shrugs.] Someone else should do this, it's too hard. Tell Elvis I quit. Anyone want to write a protest song? I am going to stick to making earrings.

[Earrings. Yes, apparently that death trap from hell she's playing with? It's an earring. Of course it is. Who wouldn't wear such death traps on their ears right next to their head and necks... it's so shiny. And then the other "earring" goes off and just starts smoking.] Uh-oh... guess I shouldn't have borrowed Lupin's gunpowder. [She's just gonna... try to blow that out.... yeah... be back shortly; experiencing technical difficulties and all that.]
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[Option A is for Action:]

[Fujiko's got a pretty good idea of how this is going to go down. She's been in refugee camps before, she's seen how testy war survivors can be, and she can sense fights brewing. More importantly, as much as Lucetians might not trust the Kin'Corans, Fujiko doesn't trust anyone. In a dog eat dog world, Fujiko steals the bone and runs with it. And so it is that she almost instantly starts stealing food wherever she can. Discreetly. It's not like she's robbing houses or that sandwich you're eating. But if you're carrying a large supply? Expect a certain cat-suited individual wearing a latex Nixon mask to pounce. Not that this really disguises anything what with the form-fitting outfit and Fujiko having been the only person the last two years to genuinely hold onto such ridiculous things.]

[Mind you the blue leather catsuit in the middle of the day, during summer, in the midst of a budding drought? That alone should be drawing more attention, not less. But she seems oblivious to how catsuits =/= invisibility.]

[Option B is for Beauty (Video):]

[After a couple of days of all that long "hard work" Fujiko heads up to her apartment, having assumed her many booby traps would take care of anyone foolish enough to try something while she was gone. Especially with Lupin out of commission. And just how many idiots can break through her traps? Usually just him. She didn't count on just how much determination can get through anything, however.]

I've been robbed! [The camera shows her apartment in completely disarray and the nimble thief dodges a few of her own traps, some that have been set off, others just tangled up into a mess. To the bedroom! And more screaming.] PANTY THIEVES?! [Okay, surely this is just for the camera.] AND MOST OF MY CLOTHES ARE GONE! Ohhhh when I catch you idiots--! [Apparently they left a lot of her trashier clothes. Poor Fujiko. Her fashion sense is so horrible particular that even looters didn't bother with half of it. That or really, some of the stuff could only fit her.]
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[Hello Luceti. Enjoying the normalcy after the shift? Oh well, nothing stays normal long here. And so we have Elvis, giving a rooftop performance to put U2 to shame. Really, why the Malnosso decided to kidnap an Elvis impersonator or turn someone into one is probably not a good thing to question. Especially since the truth is far far stranger and doesn't even involve the Malnosso at all.]

[Still, if you're a fan of rock'n'roll, Elvis, Las Vegas, Elvis impersonators (because Elvis was not that short, not that light-haired, and the accent is clearly a little forced), or just impromptu rooftop jam sessions, enjoy this. Who knows, they might even take requests!]

[And otherwise, Elvis will leave the building and go about the village, wiggling hips and playing the guitar.]

[Please feel free to ask why. Just. Why.]

You ain't nothing but a hooooound dog!
CRYING all the tiiime!
You ain't nothin' but a hoooound dog!
Crying aaaaall the time!

Well, you ain't never caught a rabbit, and you ain't no friend of mine!

Well-a, thank ya. Thank ya very much. [That accent man...]


Mar. 19th, 2012 12:55 am
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[After the mission Fujiko's decided to pamper herself with shopping. So despite the thunderstorm, she'll be running around in a trench coat and boots, snagging clothes or trinkets, or whatever else she deems worthy. Hope you didn't want that thing she's got her eye on, because she probably won't share. There's a voice post in the middle of all this shark-like shopping frenzy though.]

It really is hard to keep up with fashions around here, hm? What with everyone from different worlds or times, and no way to know how things are back home. Can we all just agree floral prints are out this year and possibly indefinitely? Leave it to the boys and their Hawaiian shirts. Or maybe some of the New Feathers can tell us about a few trends back home?

And is it just me or this some great weather for hang-gliding? [Just you Fujiko, just you.] I'm thinking I'll hit the mountains when I finish shopping here. Anyone care to join me for a flight?

[Seriously, someone talk her out of this. Metal pipes attract electricity and all that and being a human kite in this weather is just insane. Even for Fujiko.]
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[There are two options as Fujiko just gets back.

A) She's unconscious in the snow. All told, for a Mallynapping, she doesn't look too worse for the wear, no obvious injuries, cuts, or bruises, her hair doesn't even look off. Still, she's unconscious and vulnerable isn't something the woman likes to be.

B) After all that, she makes a journal post. A very very loud journal post. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!]

LUPIN!!! Damn it, if you're going to completely demolish someone's security system the least you could do is put it back together when you're done! You left my apartment wide open! And don't lie, I know it was you!

[And then anyone trained with guns would hear the unmistakable click as she cocks one at the journal purposely threatening in a deadly dark voice.]

I have ammunition, I'm not afraid to use it.

[And then just like that, as if she hadn't screamed and threatened to shoot her not!boyfriend, Fujiko's voice goes back to cute!mode wherein she clearly wants something.] I'm going out for drinks later, anyone care to join me~?

[Drinks that are normally shared with Lupin on Valentine's Day, it should be noted. Oh yeah, she's in a mood.]

Oh! And Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I can't believe they made me almost miss it! What's everyone's favorite candy? Anyone want to play a game with those little hearts with messages? Better than eating them, right?
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[This blizzard is suddenly interrupted by singing from your journal. It starts off with Fujiko singing.]

ooc cut for lengthy lyrics of Fujiko/Lupin duet )
Ahh, but it's cold outside

[That's enough for Fujiko to pause her singing though.] How did you get in anyway?

Magic babe. [He's trying to be suave and cool... though for Lupin we'll see how long that lasts. Either way Fujiko doesn't buy it much. There's a small sound like she's stifling a giggle and then goes back to singing, after shutting off the recording.]

[ooc: responses can be directed to just Fujiko or Lupin, or both as you wish! Carolers joining in is encouraged!]
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Well, I guess it's a little late in the season, [Try a lot late.] but who wants to go windsurfing? I assembled a bunch of boards over the last month, but ahhh I forgot how heavy so many could be! Surely there's some big strong guy who'll come to my rescue?? [Most wheedling tone imaginable while still being sexy. It's a good think it's not video or she'd be batting her eyelashes.]

It'd be such a shame not to use them before it snows, you know~? Especially since then we can go skiing! And hang-gliding! Besides, I really want one last chance to show off this cute bikini I got! [There should really be more than one sentence between wanting to show off a bikini, and talking about skiing.]

OKAY! Get back to me if you want to join in!
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[Fujiko is mysteriously back from Mallynapping without a seeming hitch. Her abduction was pretty quiet what with her using up most of her bullets, and her return is likewise quiet. However things might be suddenly a little ridiculous. Her guns have been replaced with jelly, squirtguns, and a rubber suction dart gun that flashes a flag whenever it's used that flares "ON A MISSION" If that wasn't strange enough, Fujiko is being... a bit ridiculous. Even for her. Everything is being treated as the height of security. Like she's breaking into Fort Knox. Or trying to sneak through the KGB. Notice a random dash of catsuit rolling by? That'd be Fujiko practically ninja-ing about even though she seems to be doing mundane things. Like getting breakfast. Or simply walking by the fountain -- which has suddenly been turned into an epic game of hide and go seek, and while hiding under and behind the fountain's ledge, anyone trying to get by is getting pelted with jelly or squirtgun water.

While getting her morning coffee, normally she'd just do it like a French cafe, or the way you would expect any normal person to get coffee. Today however, she hooks up a complicated pulley system (When did she have the time?!) and descends down upon the coffee tables to try to steal it before people get back to their seats. Highly impractical? Yes. Lunacy? Perhaps. But she is pretty damn good at it... in a "why would you ever" kind of way.

And meanwhile, jumping from roof to roof, she constantly soars on a random hang-glider. And every so often, snipers more people with jelly. And when she's not in her cat burglar suits of black or dark leather, she's mysteriously wearing army fatigues... which don't blend in well in Luceti. Care to ask what's going on or get pelted with this random madness? And then sometime late at night after all this crazyness she'll make an even weirder voice post which appears to all be some odd code.]

Alpha Delta 1, this is Monica checking in, do you read me? Infiltration successful. The loot's been moved, but the defenses were shockingly weak. Provided the wolf doesn't show up, all shall go as planned. The swordsman is in wolf's bay, but the moon is low. Highrises dip into grasslands, but the Cobra is M.I.A. Copy for the deets on pirates' booty. Blood sapphires in high demand.

[Wait. If you thought THAT was weird... There's a second one following almost instantly.]

Hello denizens of Luceti~ Don't worry about that vault, I'm sure it'll get fixed soon! In the meanwhile, what does everyone treasure most in the world?

[Is that a trap, has she finally flipped her shit? WHO KNOWS. And since when did Luceti have a vault?]
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[Fujiko's in a bad mood. Not that this is unusual per se, but at least when there were crazy things running around she had things to take her frustrations out on. Now she's low on bullets, and in a foul mood.]

Everybody leaves. [BANG!]
Why bother. [Bang bang bang!]

Che. And I finally got my iPod charged to show him... [But she doesn't seem too thrilled.]

Lupin you stupid... All men! All men are just--! [A couple more shots and then finally a sigh as she sits down with a frown and realizes that her journal's been recording. And forces a grin.] Hey~ Anyone in Luceti feel like cooking something good? I don't think I can take another day of finger sandwiches and oatmeal.

[ooc: Feel free to interrupt her shooting (seeing as there's nothing she's shooting *at.*) She won't hit anyone with them, but you can yell at her recklessness nonetheless. After this post/later this evening she'll be mallynapped off-screen. Feel free to find Thompson machine gun casings everywhere.]


May. 10th, 2011 08:33 pm
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'Allo. Welcome to New Feathers and all that. Still, Sokka I know you're busy with engagement stuff, I'm sure. So the others who work at the Smithy, can I get some help melting things down? It's a very big order.

And if anyone there has familiarity with machine gun rounds, that'd be good too.

About this Draft that happens. No one gets taken solo, right? Just at the same time as the others go off? How long can one of their stupid damn experiments go on anyway?

[A quiet mumble finishing it all up.] Thank you. [Though just as she cuts off there's some growling and grumbling about killing the Malnosso. Anyone looking for her might find her back from scanning the forest and mountains for a change and inside the bar. Actually drinking more than just her standard one or two careful sips of wine. Harder stuff at that.]
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With all the new electronics influx, I have two hopeful questions for everyone, especially you New Feathers. Does anyone have an iPod charger or could make one, and is anyone here really good with high tech security? NO LASER BEAMS!

[And other than that short post, she'll be wandering around Luceti, acting suspicious and "mysterious" and hanging out extra around the barracks.]
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[This video starts off at night with enough light to show off three snowman dressed up in clothes that very specifically male without being anything like Lupin, Poon, Jigen, Zenigata, or any of the other men Fujiko would like to forget. Then it shows Fujiko playing with her double Walther PPKs, twirling them around on her fingers and apparently dressed as a cowgirl. She starts up a dance, singing to herself, still twirling the guns around and fires them off between lines in a flashy style more befitting a rodeo show than you'd expect from a Japanese woman.]

Well I went home with the waitress. You know the way I always do~ [Two more shots, one from each gun.]
But how I was to know~ She was with the Russians too!
I was gambling in Havana, when I took a little risk.
Send lawyers, guns, and money. Daddy get me out of this!
I'm an innocent bystander~
[Apparently this induces more dancing to convince herself of it.] But somehow I got stuck
Between a rock and a hard place~ And I'm down on my luck!
Yeah I'm down on my luck.
Oh man, I'm so far down, I ain't ever been up.
I mean, if it weren't for bad luck. If it weren't for REALLY bad luck--

[This just sends her firing off her machine guns at the now destroyed snowmen. And their clothes that are completely insalvagable for bullet holes. Finishing that she pulls them up, hides them under the impossibly tight and short dress that shouldn't possibly be able to hide the guns on the holsters on her thighs where they're kept, and then she bounds over to the journal.]

What? Already open...? Haha... my bad. Sokka cutie, looks like I'll need those machine gun rounds after all, hm?

And Tsuzuki, still on for drinks?

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. [She cuts off with a growl mumbling something in Japanese about a certain idiot.] Like I care...
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[Fujiko has been raiding the library for the past few days looking for something very specific. Upon finding it, out she rushes, delighted with her discovery, only to remember something very obvious.]

Ciel! I found those books you were looking for. [And how. There's at least 3 Sherlock Holmes books, and a good stack of 20 other books. Anyone want to help the busty chick move those books? The little kid probably won't help that much either.] There were even some others I'd never seen before, but they look like fiction. And I got you Hound of the Baskerville, because it's just a really good book.

Hey, just so I know, if there are any fans of French literature out there, is anyone else here familiar with Maurice Leblanc or Arsene Lupin?

Oh! And Valvalis, I can start whenever you have time. [Aha, that might explain all the wind magic books she's got. Still, even though normally she'd make Lupin do all this work, she doesn't look too unhappy.]


Dec. 25th, 2010 04:06 am
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[Christmastime alone hits Fujiko a little hard. Not that she'd necessarily want the company even if she was back in her world, but even if she did want to, she can't even make up some sort of extravagant gig or excuse to call up Lupin and check in on him. Which leads her to taking advantage of the new coastline and exploring down in it in the cold and singing Love Squall to herself. Of course, she fidgets a bit too much with the journal so it carries over, complete with the bitter sound of her chucking rocks into the ocean.]

Stupid Lupin. The one time you don't chase me down...


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